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Imminent changes to the facilities at ICMS

We are soon to be joined at 15 South College Street by two groups from The University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics and also by the Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Analysis and its Applications (MIGSAA). Bringing new groups into the building means that the way the space is used is changing.

ICMS will occupy the ground and top floors of the building with Informatics sandwiched in between.  The ICMS reception will remain on level 3.  The MIGSAA will have offices on the top floor and a new classroom on the ground floor.

How this affects visitors and clients:
1. ICMS will not be able to host any meetings from October to the end of December 2014.
2. A new seminar room and dining area for ICMS events will be created on the ground floor. This will be up and running in January 2015.
3. The lecture theatre will stay as it is but will be used by the MIGSAA until their new classroom is ready in January 2015. So the theatre will not be available for other uses for the remainder of 2014.

Work has already started converting levels 2 and 3 into office space for Informatics. Work will begin on the ground floor in October following our three September workshops.

When the work is completed we will have a flexible facility for hosting events. We look forward to welcoming you to our new-look facilities in 2015.

Please remember that ICMS is available to the mathematics community for seminars, colloquiums and workshops but priority is always given to our core EPSRC workshops and we do not run events in August. We have a busy calendar of events planned for 2015 see http://www.icms.org.uk/ for details.


Nomination News!

Yesterday we received some great news from our colleagues at Heriot-Watt Engage.  Our Communications Officer, Madeleine Shepherd has been shortlisted for the Principal’s Public Engagement Prize 2014.  This builds on our previous success in the field.  In 2012, ICMS won the Group Category of the same prize.  The award money funded our winter lecture series on the Mathematics of Planet Earth.

We’re looking forward to the announcement of the award on 18 June and wish Madeleine the best of luck!


Party Hard! at Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014

EISF_Corporate_Identity_RGB_72dpiOur local science festival returns from 5th to 20th April and ICMS is proud to have Dr Colva Roney-Dougal, Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics from the University of St Andrews to deliver Party Hard!, our Edinburgh International Science Festival lecture on 10th April 2014. Colva’s research concerns the development of fast methods to compute with billions of symmetries, in less time than it takes to fetch a coffee. As well as public lectures, her mathematics popularisation includes radio shows with Brian Cox and Robin Ince, and with Melvyn Bragg.

Party Hard! – the mathematics of connections, will investigate how many guests need to come to a party to guarantee at least five will know one another or at least five will be mutual strangers. She’ll also look at the many applications of the mathematics of connections; from friendship, through marriage to the spread of disease. Along the way Colva will show how infinity plays some very peculiar tricks and discover some unexpected links between mathematicians and Hollywood stars.

The talk will take place in The Red Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh on Thursday 10 April at 5.30pm. Tickets are £8 (concessions £4-£6) and can be booked through the Edinburgh International Science Festival website where you’ll also find venue details and a location map.

In addition, ICMS staff member, Madeleine Shepherd and Dr Julia Collins, Maths Outreach Officer at the University of Edinburgh have collaborated over the last year on Botanica Mathematica, a new textile art and mathematics project. Some readers might recall their talk about this project in December 2013. Their knitting and crochet pattern for Binary Bonsai trees has travelled the world via the internet. Crafters from the US, Europe and the UK have sent back a forest of little trees that make up the finished art work. There’s still time to join in if you want to knit a tree too – see the project blog for details. Botanica Mathematica will be on display as part of the Science at the HeArt of Things art trail, also at Summerhall so why not come early to Colva’s lecture and take in some science-based art too?


Viking maths at Museum Lates

Viking maths at Museum Lates

ICMS Staff and the Outreach Team from the School of Mathematics at University of Edinburgh combined forces to present The Valknut Challenge at the National Museum of Scotland’s Viking-themed RBS Museum Lates event last week. The Valknut is a symbol from Norse mythology which happens to be the first recorded instance of a topological structure called the Borromean Rings. This particular braided link was ideal material for a puzzle and friendship bracelet workshop. So Julia, Joshua, Helene and Madeleine donned their Viking gear and set about challenging the visitors to make their own Valknut. Much maths was undertaken painlessly in this disguse!

[Click the photo to visit the National Museum of Scotland’s RBS Museum Lates website]

NAIS/CANPDE meeting and a new Dawn for Knowledge Transfer!

2011 sees ICMS getting off to a flying start.  Three working days after the winter break our first workshop of the year started.  The following week we play host to joint event from our collaborators NAIS and CANPDE.

18 January is the beginning of Advanced Numerical Studies in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, a 4-day meeting  organized by the Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software Centre and the Centre for Analysis and Nonlinear PDE. The goal of this meeting is is to study problems at the interface of the numerics and PDE communities,  examining a variety of different problems in nonlinear partial differential equations for which numerical treatments and the use of high performance computers may lead to important new insight.

This event gives Dawn Wasley, ICMS’ and NAIS’ newest member of staff, her first opportunity to meet the wider NAIS community. Dawn took up her post as Knowledge Transfer Officer for ICMS and NAIS at the beginning of December and is now becoming involved both organisations’ events.  Of particular interest to Dawn will be the applications strand of meeting. All her colleagues at ICMS and NAIS welcome Dawn to their teams and, through her role, look forward to productive collaborations outside academia.

Change of Address and New Premises

Newhaven Lecture Theatre, 15 South College StreetOn Wednesday 27 January 2010 ICMS will move into new premises, a converted church building at 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AA. Please make sure to address all correspondence to this address from now onwards. Telephone numbers will be announced shortly. Email addresses remain unchanged.

15 South College Street boasts a 108 seat lecture theatre, breakout and catering spaces and full access for those of restricted mobility. ICMS already has a satellite office in the building, where we also held workshops during 2009. We are very happy to be able to move our administrative base into this characterful space. The Centre will share the accommodation with the e-Science Institute and the National e-Science Centre.

Mathematicians flock to Edinburgh in 2010


In April 2010 the UK mathematics community is coming to Edinburgh for the joint meetings, British Mathematics Colloquium and British Applied Mathematics Colloquium. The collective name is Maths2010 and ICMS is pleased to be involved in the planning and organisation of this major event in the mathematics calendar. The meeting will begin on Tuesday 6 April 2010 and end at midday on Friday 9 April 2010.

Maths201o boasts an impressive line up of invited speakers:

Superplenary Talks
Emmanuel Candes (Stewartson lecture), Stanford University
Darryl Holm (Lighthill lecture), Imperial College
Robert MacKayWarwick University
L Mahadevan Harvard University
Maciej Zworski University of California at Berkeley
Main BMC Speakers
Christopher Hacon, University of Utah
Jeffrey Lagarias, University of Michigan
Gigliola Staffilani, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Main BAMC Speakers
Philip Maini, Oxford University
Eric Vanden-Eijnden, New York University
Public Lecture on Mathematical Finance
Paul Embrechts, ETH Zurich

For more information about the meeting see the Maths2010 website.

Meet the Mathematicians

A recent feature of the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium has been the Meet the Mathematicians day and 2010 is no exception. On 7th April 2010, the Royal Society of Edinburgh will be the venue for this day of activities for older school students.  The students will be able to discover what working mathematicians do and some of the fascinating places a degree in mathematics can take them.  For more information about this and previous Meet the Mathematicians days see the web pages at www.meetmaths.org.uk