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Imminent changes to the facilities at ICMS

We are soon to be joined at 15 South College Street by two groups from The University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics and also by the Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Analysis and its Applications (MIGSAA). Bringing new groups into the building means that the way the space is used is changing.

ICMS will occupy the ground and top floors of the building with Informatics sandwiched in between.  The ICMS reception will remain on level 3.  The MIGSAA will have offices on the top floor and a new classroom on the ground floor.

How this affects visitors and clients:
1. ICMS will not be able to host any meetings from October to the end of December 2014.
2. A new seminar room and dining area for ICMS events will be created on the ground floor. This will be up and running in January 2015.
3. The lecture theatre will stay as it is but will be used by the MIGSAA until their new classroom is ready in January 2015. So the theatre will not be available for other uses for the remainder of 2014.

Work has already started converting levels 2 and 3 into office space for Informatics. Work will begin on the ground floor in October following our three September workshops.

When the work is completed we will have a flexible facility for hosting events. We look forward to welcoming you to our new-look facilities in 2015.

Please remember that ICMS is available to the mathematics community for seminars, colloquiums and workshops but priority is always given to our core EPSRC workshops and we do not run events in August. We have a busy calendar of events planned for 2015 see http://www.icms.org.uk/ for details.


Edinburgh’s gone “maths mad”!

Wow! Edinburgh is really hungry for maths! 

In less than eight hours yesterday all 65 tickets for Primes and Zeros were snapped up.  By 2pm today, our waiting list for cancellations reached twenty five. It’s not likely that we’ll have that many cancellations notified so we’ve decided to close it. If by some fluke chance we can release tickets after the existing list has been accommodated then we’ll announce it here and on Twitter and Facebook.

We are truly impressed that Professor Conrey’s talk has inspired such enthusiasm.  Thank you, people of Edinburgh, for supporting our events – there’ll be more along soon!

Primes and Zeros

Our 2013  activities start with a workshop on Online Databases: from L-functions to combinatorics from 21-25 January.  The workshop is co-sponsored by AIM and NSF and will be devoted to the development of new software tools for handling mathematical databases.

As part of the workshop,  Professor Brian Conrey will give a public lecture on Primes and Zeros: A million dollar mystery on Thursday 24th January, 6pm. Professor Conrey writes:

More than 150 years ago Riemann formulated what is widely regarded today as the most famous unsolved problem in all of mathematics. In this talk, which is intended for a general audience, we will look at some of the colourful history and stories about this problem.

Tickets are free and available on a first come, first served basis, via Eventbrite  (http://primesandzeros.eventbrite.com/).
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm, last entry at 6pm.
Venue: Newhaven Lecture Theatre, ICMS, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh.

This is the first of many public events we have lined up for the coming year.  We’ll be taking part in Edinburgh International Science Festival and are planning range of activities for the Year of Mathematics of Planet Earth.  Information will appear here and on our website as well as via our Facebook page and Twitter feed. If you’d like to receive direct emails about our public events, then please email Dawn.Wasley@icms.org.uk

Sir Michael Atiyah celebrates his 80th birthday

ICMS had the great pleasure of hosting the workshop Geometry and Physics: Atiyah80 from 20-22 April in celebration of  the 80th birthday of Sir Michael Atiyah, OM, FRS, FRSE which took place on 22 April.

The workshop delegates on 22 April 2009. Sir Michael Atiyah is in the front row, fourth from the right. To his left in the blue sweater is Peter Higgs, who is also the subject of the painting in the background. (photographer: Thomas Koeppe)

The workshop delegates on 22 April 2009. Sir Michael Atiyah is in the front row, fourth from the right. To his left in the blue sweater is Peter Higgs, who is also the subject of the painting in the background. (photographer: Thomas Koeppe)

Around one hundred and sixty of Sir Michael’s collaborators, former students and colleagues gathered for three days of academic presentations and discussions focused on the outcomes of his wide ranging mathematical career.

One highlight of the meeting was the talk on 21 April by Mike Hopkins of Harvard University on the Hill-Hopkins-Ravenel solution of the Kervaire invariant one problem. If you want to follow this up then following resources are among those available:

The Tuesday evening saw a public event at the Royal Society of Edinburgh with Sir Michael, Peter Higgs, Edward Witten and David Saxon discussing the Higgs boson in theory and experiment. The public interest was overwhelming.  The Society filled both its lecture theatre and a further meeting room with video feed with an audience of around 300 people.

Sir Michael’s birthday and surrounding events also attracted interest from the press resulting in articles in:

For more information about the workshop and about Sir Michael Atiyah please visit:
Geometry and Physics: Atiyah80 ICMS workshop page
Atiyah80 by Andrew Ranicki

New venues for ICMS workshops

2009 sees the start of a new relationship between ICMS and the National e-Science Centre (NeSC).   ICMS will now hold most of its larger workshops (>35 delegates) at the National e-Science Centre and will also have an office in the building.

Situated at 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, NeSC is close to road and rail links, local ameneties and major buildings of University of Edinbugh. The building houses a fully-appointed, 108 seat lecture theatre as well as smaller meeting rooms, breakout space and catering facilities and is fully accessible to wheelchair users and delegates with reduced mobility.  (See facilities list.)

We are also widening the range of venues used in 2009 to include the Informatics Forum at the University of Edinburgh and the Mathematics Deparment, University of Glasgow.

Full details of forthcoming workshops can be found on the ICMS website.