About ICMS

ICMS is a mathematical research centre which brings together mathematicians and practitioners in science, industry and commerce for research workshops and other meetings. It was created in 1990 and is wholly owned by Edinburgh University and Heriot-Watt University. ICMS is funded by its parent universities and by grants awarded by EPSRC.

The core activity of ICMS is the development and organisation of international workshops and conferences in all areas of mathematics and these attract leading mathematical scientists from the UK and overseas. The headquarters of ICMS is 15 South College Street,  just to the south of Edinburgh’s historic Old Town.  Most workshops are held on the premises and there is also office space for the small group research programme – Research-In-Groups (RIGs).

ICMS welcomes proposals for workshops and for RIGs in all aspects of mathematical sciences and interdisciplinary areas with significant mathematical content.

In addition to workshops, ICMS is involved in a number of other mathematical activities such as postgraduate training, journal management and outreach. ICMS also hosts events organised by other mathematical and related organisations.

For full details of all our activities please visit the ICMS Website – www.icms.org.uk