Past, present and future maths

April was a busy time at ICMS as we looked at the past, there present and the future of mathematics.

Representing the past was our contribution  to the Edinburgh International Science Festival. This walking tour of sites of mathematical interest close to ICMS visited the graves of Colin Maclaurin and Robert Stirling as well as discussin the growth of mathematical study in each of our parent universities before winding up with that mathematical staple, coffee at 15 South College Street.  Origninally planned for 25 people on 4 April, this proved so popular that we had to repeat later that week for those we couldn’t accommodate.

Current research is always on our agenda and this month saw two workshops – Tropical Geometry 2-6  April and  Advances in Markov Chain Monte Carlo 23 – 25 April.

Towards the end of the month we looked to the past and future simultaneously with a celebration of 21 years of workshops and the announcement by EPSRC of a £1.3 million grant for our ongoing work.

We celebrated with an afternoon of talks by David Acheson and Damiano Brigo, hosted by Sir Peter Burt, the Chair of our Board. This was followed by a reception where old and new friends of ICMS got together over drinks to look back at our achievements and forward to new plans.

Jack Carr, Ian Wall and Robin Knops,

Jack Carr, Ian Wall and Robin Knops, who were all instrumental in founding ICMS

David Acheson

David Acheson discusses the Golden Section

Cutting the celebration cake

Cutting the celebration cake



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