Knitted maths in Washington DC

A knitted rotation of y=1/x

A knitted rotation of y=1/x

In summer of 2008 ICMS staff member Madeleine Shepherd and University of Edinburgh postgraduate student Hugh Griffiths collaborated on a knitted model of a surface of revolution – specifically a rotation of y = 1/x around the y-axis.

After an initial showing in a science ficiton exhibition at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008  (pictured left), the model was selected for the Juried Mathematical Fiber Arts Exhibit at the Joint Mathematics Meeting (JMM) in Washington DC on 7 January 2009.  Madeleine was very flattered to be included in the exhibition,  along side such well known crafting mathematicians as Daina Taimina and Pat Ashforth. Photographs and the artists statement are now online and the whole exhibition can be found here (page 2 for this piece but don’t miss Hugh’s knitted knots on page 1)

The exhibition formed part of the AMS Special Session on Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Fiber Arts, organised by Sarah-Marie Belcastro and Carolyn Yackel. Talks covered the use of fibre arts to aid mathematical understanding and the use of mathematics in the creation of fibre art work. The programme and abstracts can be found on the Toriodal Snark website.


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